About Me

I make photographs for myself I love to explore and walk the streets everywhere I go.

When I'm at home in Bangkok, I find locations I enjoy and I keep going back. People interest me. Their interactions with their environment interest me. I’m always looking for situations and scenes that I respond to visually or emotionally and I make photographs of them in the most harmonious way possible. Light, scene, subject. Candid. Unposed.

I prefer to work on projects and series based on locations. One has recently become a book. A few are ongoing. I love to work in a systemic way that eliminates thinking. The less you have to think the more you can focus. I believe in finding what works for you. In experimenting. 

Photography is a low risk sport especially with a digital camera, but the rewards can be enormous. It puts you in the moment. It allows you to immerse yourself with environment around you and lets you record those priceless moments. I use it to find out more about myself and the World around me. 



Platform 10 Photobook - Published by Peanut Press - New York, USA 2016

Series of photographs included in “TCDC Creative District” published by Thailand Creative & Design Centre - Bangkok, Thailand 2016

Photographs Included in “Not Even Bro”, a Street Photography zine published by SixX9 Zines - Vancouver, Canada 2016


Solo Exhibitions:

Upcoming and Current Exhibitions:

"Platform 10" - Art Mai Gallery Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand (April 6 - June 6, 2017)

"Platform 10" - Sofitel Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand (December 14, 2016 - February 12, 2017)

Past Exhibitions

“Hua Lamphong Train Station” - Wine Loft, Bangkok, Thailand - 2013

“Life is an Act” - Exhibit Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand - 2014

“Life is an Act” - Neilson Hays Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand - 2014

“Life is an Act” - The Attic, Bangkok, Thailand - 2014

Group Exhibitions:

Hua Hin Photo Festival (w/Street Photo Thailand) - Hua Hin, Thailand - 2016

“The Duet” (w/Street Photo Thailand) Goja, Thailand - 2016

TCDC Creative District (w/Street Photo Thailand) Bangkok Postal Office - 2016