Workshop Schedule

November 17, 2018 - One day workshop in Bangkok for beginners and intermediate levels. Max 4 participants. For more information contact me here or send me an email.

October 29 - November 1, 2018 - Halloween in Tokyo, a Leica Akademie Thailand Workshop. Sign up here.



How can I help?

I only mentor a few formal group workshops each year, but I enjoy meeting and talking to aspiring photographers all year round. If you have something you believe I could quickly help with, feel free to send me a message and we can set up a short chat. If you’d like more formal help, here are your options:


Let's take a look at your work together and talk about where you want to go. I can help review your photographs, offer advice on how to improve, and suggest new paths that may be more effective. We can do this in person or via an online conference call. (US$80 for 1 hour)

Meet Up

If you’re in Bangkok and want a deeper discussion about your work over coffee plus a short photowalk, I’d be happy to meet up. You will get my best advice on how to become more effective as a street photographer. Available as one-on-one and up to four people. (US$275 for 4 hours)


“Although I was only able to meet up with Rammy for a few hours on my last day in Bangkok, I am thankful that I did. Rammy provided me with some background information/ behind the scenes information as to how he captured some of the photos in his portfolio. Also, he not only gave me some great recommendations for improving my street shots – from composition to approaching strangers -  but I was also able to gain some insight into how he approached shooting by getting to walk alongside him as he photographed. I look forward to putting everything that I have learned into practice.” - Mandisa Charles

"It's fair to say that, had I not been encouraged by Rammy to venture out on my first personal project, 'The Downs' would never have happened. I'm so grateful that he did. His challenge, direction and encouragement has profoundly changed the way I shoot, both physically and mentally. I'm no longer the same photographer I was. If you can, get on this workshop. I promise you, it'll change your photography for the better." - Mike Beecham, United Kingdom

"I look a 12-weeks online workshop with Street Photo Thailand last year and Rammy was part of the mentor team. He helped me open a new perspective of how I photograph. Rammy spent a decent of the time to understand the way I shoot and adjust his session to suit my personality, furthermore he encouraged me to develop my individual way of seeing and taking pictures. During his workshop, we worked together as a team to advance my foundation in photography. He provided the mentoring, coaching to go along with his assignments. Surprisingly, Rammy came over to Australia by chance later that year, and he spent his personal time for a photo walks session with me. Moreover, beyond the photo walk, he also built a concrete photography community with another local street photographer in Sydney for me to learn more. It was fun and such a great experience to work with Rammy!" - Kocha Worapon, Sydney Australia.

"Rammy is not only a photographer with skills and sharp eyes, but he is also an excellent teacher.  He can make street photography easy to understand and he is good at providing useful critiques." - Ptoom Bussara, Thailand

"Workshop with Rammy was just an awesome experience!! He's always willing to share his knowledge in every aspects! Looking forward to join more workshops in the future." - Saranya Worawichawong, Thailand

A little more on me

A Bangkok-based photographer with a deep passion for travelling and exploring the streets, my work covers personal projects and photography made in my hometown and other cities I visit. My most recent completed work, Platform 10 (a project that was shot on a single platform at the Hua Lamphong Train Station in Bangkok has become a Photobook and is available for sale. Published by Peanut Press in New York, the book is available for purchase right here on this site.

I am a strong believer of education and along with mentoring a few group workshops a year I offer private consult sessions as well as guided street photowalks in Bangkok. I also write photography blogs on Rambles to share my inspirations so do check them out and sign up to get a regular update.

With a strong inclination towards philosophy and harmonious living, I believe my role is to encourage photographers to think about their work more deeply and find who they really are behind the camera.