Much Ado About Flickr

"Flickr is dying," warned some friends when I signed up in 2014. 2 years later and "Flickr has no future," implied a random article I read a few weeks ago. It cited a rumour that Yahoo! wants to cut loss and offload Flickr to the highest bidder, but no one really wants it because it isn’t really growing as a community. Yet I'm still here. Along with quite a few others. And we still use it very regularly too!

With the belief that it’s still quite alive and well I created a group called “Rambles” on Flickr and put together my favorite photographs from active photographers who take photographs on the streets and share their work regularly. Only if to say, "Hey look! there are a bunch of really cool guys who still use this thing!”

Before you click off to go see the photos (it'll be worth it, I promise), here's a little bit about the group:

The photographers in the group

In the last few years I have been very fortunate to have come across some seriously talented folks on Flickr. The majority photographers included in the Rambles pool are active participants in various street photography groups on Flickr.

The parameters for photographers and photographs selections

The photographers must have active Flickr accounts, that's the most important factor, of course. Then it's one photograph per photographer; and the photograph has to be one I wish I had taken (because it’s just easier that way). At last count while writing this blog there are 194 photographs in the group (that's 194 really awesome photographers). The initial aim was to get to atleast 200 then work out a plan from there on how to expand the group and make it more active because there’s a ton more photographers who deserve to be mentioned. Maybe I’ll start inviting some folks to make their own selections and diversify a bit.


There are also a lot of other groups on Flickr that are worth checking out. If and when I stop procrastinating I will have a chat with some of the guys who run the various groups on Flickr and get their viewpoints on the Flickr community and share their thoughts here. 

Hope you enjoy the selections and find them as inspiring as I do

Click here or on the photo below to go see them all. Check back often (or join the group) as more will keep being added.

*You don't need a Flickr account to view the group's content*

A screenshot from the front page of the group currently. Photographers' credits and from left to right, first to second row,   Eleni Rimantonaki ,  streetmax ,  pinel777 ,  Chris Suspect ,  Jeff Larson (Raw Power) ,  Matteo Sigolo ,  Alexei Yurie ,  Marco Giusfredi ,  Stefano Lista ,  Alison McCauley

A screenshot from the front page of the group currently. Photographers' credits and from left to right, first to second row, Eleni Rimantonakistreetmaxpinel777Chris SuspectJeff Larson (Raw Power)Matteo SigoloAlexei YurieMarco GiusfrediStefano ListaAlison McCauley